Dear Diary-
Date: Wednesday 4th of June 2003
At: Sydney, NSW
Played With: No gig.

Dudes no doubt Matt already told you about what I did yesterday.... You'll never guess what saved my life…. Dan's pants! I borrowed some yesterday coz I had no pants left of my own and they worked like a parachute, and dudes no joke, I floated to the water…

For some reason they rushed me to hospital and then sent me to some mental one…. I then started playing poker with Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain and Gene Simmons… when I told the others about this later no one believed me… I don't know why… In case you are wondering Kurt currently owes me the all the proceeds made on nevermind…

Anyway then Matt came and got me out… just as I had settled in too… then we went back to the hotel and the others and I were accidentally locked in our rooms… one moment it was unlocked and then Matt went out and it was locked… weird shit.

Anyway so we spent the next 3 hours playing hide and seek… It was all Rob's idea and I admit I love this game… Dan hid under the bed except Rob found him fast as he tripped over Dan's feet, which were sticking out of the end of the bed… I hid in the bath and ended up playing with Mr Rubber Ducky which is Brad's bath toy… I think all the quacking gave me away… We didn't find Brad till three games later… it turns out it wasn't a bird's nest on the balcony.

Later on Coxy came back and spent the rest of the night curled up in a corner… Matt said something about a shock treatment… I don't know but every time I poke him he cries… All 500000000000 times…