Dear Diary-
Date: Tuesday 3rd of June 2003
At: Sydney, NSW
Played With: Day off still.

Dear Diary,

I bet other managers don't have to deal with this. I bet other managers get to stay at home and have their feet up and be able to relax on their days off. Do I get to do that? No, I have to run around after four guys who make three year olds look mature.

Apparently yesterday Zok went shopping in Toys R Us. The end result was I had to free him from a mental hospital. How did this happen? Thanks for asking it's good to know someone cares. Now Zok is a big fan of Spiderman, so he brought the webspray. He then used it to climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, once on top he yelled out "I am Spiderman" and then proceeded to bellyflop into the river. He was rushed to hospital where doctors came to the conclusion he may be brain dead, but this was not from the bridge incident. I then had to rescue him from the mental hospital with the assistance of Coxy who caused distraction for the staff by claiming that he was Jesus.

The others have been behaving themselves. That is probably because I locked them into their hotel rooms. Cruel? Probably but I don't want to go any greyer than I am already.


PS: I forgot to rescue Coxy. Shit!