Dear Diary-
Date: Thursday 5th of June 2003
At: Key Largo, Sydney, NSW
Played With: That band…

Hey guys,

I went shopping today and brought some shirts. Just for a change I thought I'd buy some with checks on them, a change is as good as a holiday you know. I also found a checked tablecloth and am going to give it to my Mum to make me some shirts out of. Thanks Mum.

Anyway when I was shopping I went and had my fortune read. Apparently I am going to do lots of travelling and meets lots of new people… do you think any of this could come true? It would be cool if it did.

Dan and I went to the museum. Apparently he was there to learn stuff, he wants to be smart or something. He'll be trying for awhile. I was just there to pick up any hot chicks; the closest I got was where you could dig up some bones in this exhibit. The bones looked like chicken bones to me, so I went and borrowed some from some dinosaur thing and then proceeded to bury them. I couldn't be fucked digging them up and left them there. They'll never notice, the dinosaur had plenty more.