Dear Diary-
Date: Monday 2nd of June 2003
At: Sydney, NSW
Played With: Day off.

Dear Diary,

Today we arrived in Sydney. I love Sydney, it's the classy part of the country and I am of course a classy dude so I fit in so well. It's a shame that the rest of the band and the others aren't as fucking classy as I am. First let me start with Matt.

Now, as you know Matt is our manager, which means that he's supposed to be the smooth businessman. But no instead of getting us a limousine he gets us a Tarago van. Now that's fine I suppose if you're an average person, but I'm a star! I want a limo!! It's almost enough to make me cry, which I did, the entire trip to the hotel from the airport.

Brad is being impossible. That hair of his is taking up the entire back of the van. I bet you didn't know that the song Sharp Words when I so delicately sing about not being able to breathe was about sitting near Brad. Luckily at the airport I managed to find some snorkel and have taken to sticking one out the window to get some air, the other is using to beat off the hair when it tries to go up my nose.

Rob went shopping, he accidentally brought a striped shirt and they wouldn't give him a refund. So he spent the rest of the day drawing lines on which went the opposite way so he now has checks. Zok also went shopping with him and brought something at Toys R Us… I'm not sure what.

Oh and if you're wondering how I got back with the band after they somehow misplaced me. I shared a night snuggled up with a family of kangaroos who cared for me till the band came back for me.

Heart- Daniel