Dear Diary-
Date: Sunday 1st of June 2003
At: Adelaide, South Australia
Played With: Day off.

We've been on tour for less than a week and my hair has grown two inches. Must be that new shampoo I got, something about it increasing volume, at the time I thought it would make our music louder but I now know the truth.

Last night we played a gig with Skulker. No one said they were girls! The singer brushed against me as she was coming off stage. How long before you can tell if you get girl germs? Just the thought makes me itch.

Dan was missing. Well we knew he was on Kangaroo Island somewhere but he wasn't at the gig. So we had to get someone up to sing for us. It turned out that no one actually had heard of us and they were all there for the girls. Do other bands with record deals have this happen to them? Even our rep from the label didn't show up. So anyway we had to have an instrumental set, I think Coxy may have wanted to sing but he's only the roadie so that was never going to happen. One song maybe but not the whole set.

Rob went shopping and brought another checked shirt. He's now up to having brought 15 for the tour. He's well below his usual standard.

I have to go, as this room seems to be running low on oxygen. Fuck knows why.