Dear Diary-
Date: Saturday 31st of May 2003
At: Adelaide Uni Bar, Adelaide, South Australia
Played With: Skulker.

We got to South Australia early after catching a flight right after our last gig. Zok ran all the way to the van mumbling something about a plank and a pirate. When we got to Adelaide we were going to go to the hotel first, I was then going to go shopping for a checked shirt as there is not enough check in this world.

But instead we found ourselves on the way to Kangaroo Island, which is ages away in the opposite direction from where we want to go. This is all because Dan was reading a book on it and so he wanted to go there. He threatened to never sing again if he didn't get to see a kangaroo. Apparently the dead one we saw on the side of the road didn't count.

It took us ages to get there and the moment we did Dan wanted to get out for a walk so he could get some fresh air. Don't know what it is but all he does is whinge about suffocation when he is in the van. Brad was next to him again and he can breathe fine. Anyway this led to a slight incident…

We forgot to pick Dan up again. We didn't realise till we got to the venue. Matt turned very white, he looked like a polar bear with clothes on. Coxy meanwhile started playing guitar and singing. I'm not sure what he was doing that for but every time we turned around or went somewhere he jumped in front of us and started to perform. I think he was trying to tell us something, but I'm not sure what.

After a band meeting, which I skipped as I wanted to get some checked shirts, but Zok told me they decided to get a fan up and sing the songs. Apparently Coxy then threw a temper tantrum and stormed out. He must be tired poor guy.

We'll let you know how the gig goes.