Dear Diary-
Date: Friday 30th of May 2003
At: Good Morning Captain, Fitzroy, Victoria
Played With: The other band ran screaming from the room.

Hay man,

Hows things? Things here have been better. It all started when we tried to pay for our hotel rooms this morning. We tried to pay with Gyro currency (which is basically monopoly money, with Gyro written on it at many times as possible). We got this idea from watching the Arias last year when Selwyn had Selwyn dollars drop from the air and land in the stage. Apparently Gyro money isn't a legal currency, who would have thought it? Well Matt maybe as he was muttering something as he shoved us all out to the van while he paid the bill.

Speaking of the Arias and who performed at the last one. Rob and I are pissed off. Apparently we're not allowed to play Holly Valance in the van. Matt reckons it may send him into a coma. Stupid manager who has no taste in music, he knows nothing. Actually Dan keeps turning blue in the van, I'm not sure why.

The place we are playing at is called Good Morning Captain. I'm really disappointed, as I haven't seen one pirate let alone a parrot. Brad wasn't too impressed when I tried to look through his hair to see if it was there. Oh no! What if the parrot missing and a pirate shows up and gets pissed off and blames us? He'll probably make us walk the plank!!

I better go find the parrot.