Dear Diary-
Date: Friday 26th June 2003
At: Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Played With: After The Fall and 28 Days

Dear Diary,

I suppose I should start this with an apology. A few entries back I may have said that the Gyro Who girls were stupid idiots who probably couldn't add to two if I dared them too… if I didn't say that I apoligise… but anyway I was sure that when we gave the photos from the tour to Brad to mail that he would be reliable enough to do this. I forgot he's a dickhead who can't… add to two.

Today we got back an reply to the email I sent them where I might have been a bit harsh on them… though I think they went a bit overboard in calling me a "diva with an ego large enough to kill half the world's population because it takes up all the room for the oxygen" or something that meant the same except it would make Jerry Springer blush.

So Matt and I went and ransacked Brad's room and there in his suitcase was the envelope of photos, with a post-it note attached saying to post it… written on it in Brad's handwriting was done. Dickhead. So I may have been a bit harsh on the girls…

Anyway only a few days to go and then we are back home, I can't wait. No more stinky band mates… not to mention Coxy and Matt who I have no idea what they are there for really, it can't be because they are cute, because that's why I'm here.