Dear Diary-
Date: Saturday 28th June 2003
At: Nepean Hotel, Melbourne
Played With: After The Fall and 28 Days

And with an entry we promised to write in a few days, to recap our journey home which we will be driving as we've been banned from all major airlines… this is the final entry in this tour diary.

If you are anything like me you are probably breathing a big sigh of relief, especially if you are anywhere near where we toured then I really don't blame you. Let's face it I'm surrounded by inconsiderate and completely unappreciative bastards.

I should probably recap the past events of the tour, but I'd rather not remember any of it. I'm trying to block it out. Let's not speak of it and just pretend that I've been sunning myself in Tahiti for the past month, like all smart band managers would be doing.

I've already rang Perth so I could order a t-shirt with the following message written on it… "I Survived A Gyroscope Tour" I figure that sums it up really and let's face it if I could do with some sympathy from someone… anyone… please.