Dear Diary-
Date: Thursday 26th of June 2003
At: Lyric, Geelong, Victoria
Played With: 28 Days and After The Fall

Hi guys, how are you? I'm deeply upset about Chow so instead of writing about that I will write to you about an incident that took place back when we were in NSW. We decided to go to the Big Banana; the Big Banana is a really big banana. I never would have guessed that.

Now at the Big Banana there are many things to do, you can eat that fruity junk or you can take tours around it. Forget that shit, we went tobogganing!! You go up a hill and then you get to go down it (in this tube thing) on this crazy machine called a toboggan. When I first read about it, I thought I would be sitting on two bogans, which freaked me out.

Anyway as you can only go down one person at a time, it got kinda boring after awhile. So Rob and Coxy found a hose and we turned it into a water slide. To keep with the fruit theme we went down it on inflatable bananas… we probably should apologise to the little kids we landed on at the bottom of it… Nah.

Zok got stuck midway down, which caused a slight problem as Dan and Rob were behind him. The Gyro dam held well and the three of them had to be pried out of there… with a crow bar, not an ice cream scoop, which they should have used if they wanted to make a banana split.

I think we also got banned from there…