Dear Diary-
Date: Wednesday 25th June 2003
At: Termo Hotel, Albury, Victoria
Played With: After The Fall and 28 Days

I think Matt needs stress management or a serious reality check, I mean anyone would think he had an important job or something. I mean hello, he's just the manager, and we're the ones with the talent. All he has to do is say we're there when we get to a gig and answer the phone… that's it. A chimpanzee could do that.

Matt got all pissed off when he discovered that Zok and Brad had brought a puppy. I thought the little tacker was pretty cute until I saw he was chewing on my hair care products. I went for a long walk with Coxy; I thought that trouble might be brewing. Apparently someone wrote a note and shoved it under Matt's door. Matt told me that I… I mean the person who wrote it couldn't spell for shit. Anyway while we walked the puppy was returned to where it had come from and Brad and Zok cried… again. They wouldn't stop crying until we brought some toy dogs; ever since then they have been hugging them and promising them that "the big bad Matt, will never take them away"

Tonight we are playing at the Termo Hotel, at first I thought it was the Terminator Hotel and I was scared. I thought Arnie Swartz-what's-his-name… would be there to shoot to me… Which is why I was curled up in the foetal position the whole trip here. Poor me.