Dear Diary-
Date: Tuesday 24th June 2003
At: Melbourne, Victoria
Played With: Day off

Hay guys… how are you? I'm pretty damn good though Rob and Dan are pissed off that Matt found out they were going to sneak onto rove live tonight and pretend they were the evictees from Big Brother… just after they figured out that rob was going to be the guy as he's blonde… which left dan to wear the dress which he wasn't too impressed about…

So they spent the day sulking and muttering that matt never lets them do anything… Anyway Brad and I went sight-seeing today… we counted pairs of glasses in the gasses shop… sight-seeing is great but I suppose it would be boring if you didn't like glasses… or guide dogs…

Um speaking of guide dogs… brad and I have a secret… we went past this pet shop today and there was the cutest, tiniest little puppy there… it's so cute… so we kinda brought it with the money that matt gave us to give to someone at a reception desk… unfortunately all the wedding receptions we went to didn't have any desks at them… plenty of tables, but no desks.

We named him, Chow… because he likes to eat things… like dan's socks which brad had to claim that he ate… and rob's checked shirt… which actually tastes like it needs a good wash… I had to fake eating it… otherwise they would know about Chow.

Gotta go apparently something has been chewing on drumsticks…