Dear Diary-
Date: Monday 23rd June 2003
At: New South Wales/Victoria
Played With: Day off

Hi guys, it's me again… Remember me the sane, normal manager. No I bet you don't… But I'm not going to be bitter in this entry, because I am above that. Anyway today we traveled to Victoria for the last string of shows before we head home to Perth, if they're stupid enough to let the band back in that is.

Anyway we only broke down about three times today which going by the tour average was good for us. In case you are wondering we have been banned from flying for the time being, if you don't know why I suggest you go back and read earlier tour diary entries.

I like to drive, I wish Gyroscope were famous and rich. Then I would get them a limo so I could have the divider up between them and me. Within about five minutes Dan was screaming at Brad something about hedge clippers and how Brad was the root of all evil. Rob and Zok were hitting each other to see who would cry first and Coxy… well he was just being his usual self.

Anyway I have to go as I just received a tip off that Rob and Dan are going to sneak onto Rove Live claiming to be the latest evictees from Big Brother. Considering one of them is a girl I don't want to know which one of them will be wearing a dress.