Dear Diary-
Date: Sunday 22nd June 2003
At: Sydney, New South Wales
Played With: After the Fall and 28 Days

Today I started a quest to find the inner me. At first I thought Rob was talking about surgery and you all know that I don't need that, as I am perfect as is. Then he told me that I needed to get my ying back in sync with my yang. I thought he was talking about N*Sync then and so I started to bust some mint dance moves for our next video…

Instead I found myself doing yoga. When he first said that I thought he meant Yoda, and I nearly got my cloak out again so I could speak wise stuff though I have to work on scrunching my face up so I look like him. Dudes, it turns out yoga is this thing where you end up in all these weird positions. Though we didn't have the proper mats, so we went and broke into a family's room down the hall and stole the game Twister.

It worked just as well, until Rob started scratching me under the arm with one of his drumsticks. Bet you didn't know I was ticklish. I used all my strength and lasted ages before finally collapsing. Those three seconds felt like a lifetime.

Anyway Rob then left to buy a checked shirt and I was left to ponder the inner me. I mean who am I really? Where do I fit into the scheme of things? Is this all there is to life? It got me thinking dudes… and I began to question everything I used to be so sure of. Coxy may have a problem with this as when he walked into the room, I tackled him to the ground and threatened to slap him, if he couldn't prove he was who he said he was.

Anyway I think I'm going to go take up tai chi or tae kwan Nintendo.

Heart - Daniel