Dear Diary-
Date: Saturday 21st June 2003
At: Gaelic Club, Sydney, New South Wales
Played With: After the Fall and 28 Days.

Saturdays are meant to be days that are slept in on. That's what I had planned until I was dragged from my bed kicking and screaming at 5am by two robed people. I wish I could claim it was someone cool like… someone that wears a robe that could be called cool. But instead I found it was Zok and Dan who were wearing robes. As you do.

"It's Carrie Rotter day!!" Dan said sounding like he was going to start bouncing up and down at any moment. I had a feeling I didn't really want to know but I asked who it was and why I should give a damn at 5am. I need to get my sleep you know otherwise Matt would make me take another nap in the afternoon and then I would miss the cartoons on Foxtel.

Turns out that it's Harry Potter day. Apparently it's some book or something… You probably haven't heard of it, I know I haven't. Then again maybe because Matt and Coxy haven't taught me how to read yet… Nah, that can't be it.

Anyway Zok and Dan dragged me down to the nearest bookshop where we joined a group of other cloaked geeks… I mean people in a queue, which was already bigger than my hair and reached right down the street. I should also mention that Zok would now only answer to the name Ron and Dan would only answer to the name Harry. It's about time I became the world's first solo bass player. I'm in a band full of dickheads.

We ended up standing in line for three hours… that's *thinks* a whole of minutes. In that time I got attacked by three little kids who reckoned that I was an evil tree… what the fuck? Stupid brats… Oh Dan brought me some lollies after I threatened to cry if he didn't.
When we finally got back to the hotel, each carrying a book, which I could use instead of lifting weights and some stupid free wand, we went back to our rooms. Dan and I are sharing a room at the moment and so he tried to do some magic with his wand.

Dan/Harry: It won't work. *waves it around*
Zok/Ron: Mine either. This is fucked. *throws wand on ground*

Then Rob came in, looking like he had slept in. Bastard.

Rob: Thanks guys, I've been looking for these.

He then picked up the wands and left. Turns out Dan and Zok had picked up Rob's drumsticks somewhere since they had got back to the hotel so who knows where the wands are. Idiots. But I'm going to go hide mine now, so they don't find it and cast a spell on me.