Dear Diary-
Date: Friday 20th June 2003
At: Carringbah Inn, New South Wales
Played With: After the Fall and 28 Days.

Dear Diary,

Today I took time out of my extremely busy schedule to visit the Gyroscope Who website. I've never been there before… ok that was a lie, I check it out all the time as those guys named Dan, Zok and Brad crack me up. Not to mention that Rob guy. He's a classic and I think he likes checked shirts too… Then Matt pointed out it was about us… I never would have known otherwise… I mean I though they were just using our band name and pictures as a disguise kind of like TISM.

I then relooked at the page… the one thing I noticed missing is the shrine to me… where's the page saying how great I am? Though if you were to list all the reasons why I'm so great then you would take up about a zillion pages… I mean just look at the alphabet, R is for Rob and only eighteen words long. Just looking around the site… I get the feeling they may be trying to take the piss out of us… Nah, they just need to lift their game and start building the Rob Shrine which would be made complete with a gallery of Rob shots... not to mention listing all my acheivements... though that may take up all their site space... I'm sure they'll work something out.