Dear Diary-
Date: Wednesday 18th of June 2003
At: Coogee Bay Hotel, Coogee, New South Wales
Played With: 28 Days and After The Fall

Today we had some spare time in the morning so we decided to put a plan of justice and just sweet revenge into action… when Matt turned his back we snuck down to the Channel Ten studios which isn't really that close but we had to do it man… gyro had scores to settle and ass to kick.

Once we got there we snuck into the complex using Brad's hair as camouflage and guitar picks to dig our way in… ok we snuck in the main gate while the guard was having his donut… we then snuck down to a building, after I showed the others to commando roll except for Dan who just walked after he refused to do it as it would ruin his clothes…

Once we snuck into the makeup room we realized we were all alone with our target… he was sitting in his chair, staring off into space… after we quickly did a group hug type action we then leaped onto him and tackled him to the floor… powder and lipsticks went flying but Dylan Lewis (the host of Pepsi Live) was all ours. This will teach him not to win celebrity big brother when we weren't invited… So we shoved him in a nearby closet.

The only problem was that in the struggle we all got covered in makeup… the next thing I know the makeup girl comes in and starts dragging me out onto the set… apparently she was new… apparently she also thought I was Dylan… dudes, it wasn't cool… the next thing I know I'm being shoved in front of the cameras… it took them a good ten minutes for them to realize that I wasn't Dylan… unfortunately they chose to realize during Sophie Monk's live performance and so while the others got to drool over her I spent it running around the other dancers before running from the studio…