Dear Diary-
Date: Wednesday 18th of June 2003
At: Eastwood Hotel, Eastwood, New South Wales
Played With: 28 Days and After The Fall

Hi guys. It's me again, Matt the over-worked, over-stressed, over worked and prematurely graying band manager. I rang and have booked myself a deep tissue massage scheduled for about five minutes after we return to Perth. Followed by an extensive shock therapy treatment, that's not for me though…

I mean as the manager I perform countless tasks everyday, from just getting them up (oh no they can't even manage to get the drift of what an early morning wake up call is. They just either sleep through it or yell out "Matt, the phone is ringing and then go back to sleep) to making sure they get to the right places. If I recall Rob even asked me to tie his shoelaces last week.

And what thanks do I get? Some crappy little acknowledgement in the EP's that I had to add in after they had written them up… Ok so I followed each of them around with a notebook taking notes, as they thought up people to thank and then wrote the official version totally disregarding their version. I just didn't think Snow White and the Seven Dwarves would care that much about getting thanked and I think Frank Sinatra is beyond caring. Don't I deserve some gratitude for setting up tours and getting them places? Apparently not.

I better go, Dan needs his nails manicured, Rob needs someone to draw on checks to a plain white shirt he was given, Brad needs someone to count the strings on his bass and Zok wants to know the price of tea in China.