Dear Diary-
Date: Tuesday 17th of June 2003
At: Cooneys, Wollongong, New South Wales
Played With: 28 Days and After The Fall

Dear diary,

How are you? I'm fine though slightly traumatised but I'm a survivor so I'm going to get through it. No need to worry about me, though I know you are all rushing out to buy me presents to make me feel better, no need for that… though I could do with some new clothes…

Yesterday we drove to Wollongong and that was all fine because I had my head out the window the whole way. Hair crisis is over; my beautiful locks are back to the glory that they were before. Anyway because I had my head out the window I was able to breathe.

But today Matt took us sightseeing and I had to share a seat in the van with Brad, aka Bush Boy. After about a min, the van started spinning and according to Zok I looked blue… an icky blue not a nice calm peaceful blue. The blue clashed with my shoes, which is a big no-no kiddies. I tried to reach for the window but the hair blocked my attempts, I swear it was laughing at me. My life started to flash before my eyes, and I realised once and for all I can't figure out why Brad was in front of me in the popularity pole on Gyro Who?!?! as look how cute I am. *coughs* Anyway I made one last grab for the window and managed to make it… I travelled the rest of the way with a snorkel stuck out the window.

Oh speaking of Gyro Who they emailed me to say they hadn't got the photos… Express post means they should have got it the next day… So I sent them back one saying they don't know what they are talking about… stupid girls… please don't take down the website.

Daniel xoxo