Dear Diary-
Date: Monday 16th of June 2003
At: Queensland/New South Wales.
Played With: Day off.

Hay guys… hows things? We had yet another gyro crisis this morning… the first I heard about it was when I was woken to hysterically screaming from the next bedroom… I rushed in expecting to see someone being murdered or that rob had mentioned his love of abba again but came across something much worse… Dan's hair had turned black!!

Apparently due to lack of sun his hair it turned dark, well that's what hairdresser Matt said… matt's not just a pretty face, he has many skills… well that's what he tells us. Anyway after we solved this crisis working out that dan can travel with his head sticking out the window we got ready to leave the hotel.

we met up with the after the fall guys and the 28 days guys… did you know that February had 28 days? Me neither, but now I do… now I just have to work out what February is. Any ideas? Brad reckons it's the thing on the end of your shoelace… but how do you fit a band into that? Maybe they have giant ones in… that place that they are from… Sweden was it?

Anyways I gotta go coxy wants to play fish, we've been banned from playing poker… apparently poker isn't about seeing how hard you can poke someone… only thing I'm having trouble with this fish thing is where am I going to store a 20kg tuna?