Dear Diary-
Date: Sunday 15th of June 2003
At: Great Northern Hotel, Queensland.
Played With: After The Fall and 28 Days.

Hi guys, how are you? Better than us I hope. Matt's pissed off at us… well me I guess again. How was I supposed to know that when you pressed the button and that thing pops out that it's not a cup holder? Apparently it's some thing called a CD-ROM drive. Well now it's broken, he should have explained it to me in the first place, how am I supposed to know these things?

We haven't been doing much today, except for travelling to the next gig. We stopped at a shopping centre along the way to get some lunch. When we came back to the van we were getting in when suddenly this old woman started screaming at us. At first we thought she was a fan and I had a moment where I felt really smart, see I knew playing gigs at retirement homes would pay off.

Then I realised she was screaming that she had a un and we were stealing her car and that if we didn't get out of there she would kill us. We all did the really brave thing, and ran screaming from the car park after several collisions where we ran into each other. We only stopped running when we reached a police station and decided (well Matt did, the rest of us wanted to keep running) that we should report it (like the mature, well-adjusted, intelligent adults we try to be would do). While we were there, in walked an old lady who had short white curly hair, a rather large shopping bag and was about 5 foot tall. IT WAS HER!!!!

We all did the mature thing and fled. I hid under a desk, Dan behind a hat rack, Coxy and Matt behind a bookshelf, Zok behind the counter and Rob behind a filing cabinet. It turns out the lady found her car three spots down. Old people are crazy dudes.