Dear Diary-
Date: Friday 13th of June 2003
At: Surfers Paradise Beer Garden, Queensland
Played With: 28 Days and After The Fall

Hey Guys,

I thought the rest of this tour had been stressful but today has taken the cake. It must be due to it being Friday the 13th. Today I made the stupid mistake of letting Dan do the driving while I had a sleep. I woke up several hours later to find an angry TV executive knocking on the van's window.

Apparently while I had been sleeping the band decided to take a detour to Dreamworld. Not for the rides at the theme park but so they could go see Big Brother. Now Big Brother is of course out of bounds for the general public, but of course the band chose to ignore this and started tunnelling towards the house. After making one centimetre of progress, they gave up on this and then proceeded to walk the rest of the way.

Now instead of making their way to the house they instead went in search of the executive producer because Rob and Dan had a request for him. They didn't want to ask to play at the end of the series or even something autographed. Instead Rob and Dan demanded that for the next celebrity Big Brother that they are in the house. Yeah I know, you have to be a washed up celebrity for that and they haven't been even been celebrities in the first place. But you try telling them that.

The result of this was they were banned from ever coming near the house again and that they were chased around Dreamworld for two hours before security managed to catch them. Rob was found at the SpongeBob SquarePants Water Play ride, Brad at the Angry Beavers Spooty Spin ride, Zok at the Thunder River Rapids Ride, Coxy was found trying to hug a tiger at Tiger Island and Dan was found cowering at the Tower of Terror.

They were all then dragged back to the van, where I got yelled at for being irresponsible. Figures.