Dear Diary-
Date: Thursday 11th of June 2003
At: Rolling Rock, Noosa, Queensland
Played With: 28 Days and After The Fall

Greetings Diary,

How are you? I am good. I know, I know it's been awhile since I have written and I'm sure you have all missed me so much in my absence I know I would if I was you. But never fear I am here to update you on what's going on in the Gyro camp.

Today we went to the Big Kart Track, which is the largest go-kart track in Australia. Apparently it is 1200m, not 1201m or 1199m but 1200m ok. We got there fairly early, as we had to drive back for the gig. Once we got there we were given a quick lesson on how to drive the karts… well that's what Coxy told me was said, I was too busy checking to see what shape my hair is in at the moment. Anyway we were soon on the track with and raring to go. It was mate against mate, band against crew and legend (me) against dickheads (them).

At first it was fairly even, though that was probably because we hadn't started the karts yet. Once we did I knew I would win. I'm the best driver everyone knows that. Anyway it all started fine but within a minute or so it had all fallen apart. It all started when Coxy tried to overtake Matt and ended up crashing into a barrier. Don't worry the barrier is mint dudes. Then Zok drove past me… going the wrong way turns out he can't drive forwards and could only manage reverse, he was later disqualified. Rob was too busy trying to steal the chequered flag so he could do something with the material I'm not sure what. So that left Brad, Matt and I. Now I got stuck behind Brad, who let's face it is a shit driver. But every time I went to overtake him his hair got in the way!! I couldn't see past him and so I finally tried to overtake and he ran me off the road, so while he was trying to catch up to Matt I decided enough was enough. Dudes, you know those things the police throw across the road that punctures the tyres of speeding cars. Yes well Matt got pissed off but I don't know why as he was able to win because of me. Something about a bill for ruined tyres, managers are so fussy.

Oh and I gave Brad a stack of photos to post to the Gyro Who?!?! girls. So they should be up fairly soon as I told Brad to send them through express post.