Dear Diary-
Date: Wednesday 11th of June 2003
At: Noosa, Queensland
Played With: Day off.

Hey guys,

Sorry I didn't write yesterday like I was supposed to but they had a sale on checked shirts and hair gel in Toowoomba so I couldn't miss it so I got Brad to write instead. Anyway today we had a day off so we went on a tour, The Crocodile Hunter Tour.

We left our hotel (after driving through the night, after we begged Matt to let us go on it) at around 8am and then drove to the Sunshine plantation where they gave all a big plate of this stuffed called fruit. I don't think I've seen stuff like it before. Some things called apples and bananas… freaky stuff. Those apple things would make good cricket balls, not that we had any bats but when we threw them at Brad he cried, just like when we throw cricket balls at him.

Anyway after that we went stopped for lunch in a town called Montville. I'm sure it's a great place if you like boutiques and craft shops but that's not really my thing so instead I went and tried to attempt the world record for eating pies but I only got up to one before I ran out of money.

Then we went to Australia Zoo, which is run by the Crocodile Hunter. Steve Irwin is the Gyroscope hero. We try to model how we talk on him but were soon to learn we don't have quite the same approach to deadly animals. Deadly, not in the sense of what Zok's feet smell like but in the sense they could kill you. That's why I didn't smile at any crocodiles; I'm not stupid mate.

We saw lots of things but I noticed a few things, Brad disappeared after seeing the Tasmanian Devils, which do not look like anything like the cartoon character Taz. Maybe they changed what the devils look like because they know Taz will just make the others jealous of all his success. Dan disappeared soon after seeing a snake and Zok vanished after seeing the corcodiles. Coxy, Matt and I found them all curled up in the tour van, shaking like leaves. They say they were cold… I'm not sure if I quite believe them. I'm just disappointed Steve wasn't in as I'm sure he loves us just as much as we love him.

Anyway we got back to the hotel at around 5pm; all in all it was a very good day. I liked watching the crocs sun baking. I wouldn't mind being a croc if I get to do that…