Dear Diary-
Date: Sunday 8th of June 2003
At: Panthers, Backdoor, NSW
Played With: A marching band…

Dear Diary,

Yes today Gyroscope played with a marching band. I decided to trust the band to get to the right place by themselves, yes I know that wasn't my most intelligent moment. Anyway I told them they had to get to Panthers and where it was and instead they ended up at some Lions Club, which was having a marching band contest. Zok, Rob, Brad and Dan playing their usual songs while trying to march at the same time didn't impress the judges. It was mostly a silent set as cords only stretch so far and Dan trying to kick along his microphone as he marched only resulted in an incident where they all ended up in a pile on the ground. Rob sticking his cymbals to his knees and carrying a drum as he marched didn't win over many fans either. I probably should apologise to the kids that showed up at Panthers, but they seemed to enjoy the set Coxy put on.

Once I got the band back to the hotel and Zok managed to cook some dinner, which didn't look like it wouldn't be out on a documentary about toxic waste. Everyone settled down to play poker. As the combined wealth of the band plus crew is about 5 dollars, it's safe to say not much money changes hands. But when I came back from the toiled I found that Rob owed Brad a small country complete with a chain of hotels and that Zok owed Dan an entire collection of Gucci clothing. I'm not sure what happened. I better go I can hear Rob practicing his yodelling again. Whoever let him buy "The Idiots Guide to Yodelling" has a lot to answer for.