Dear Diary-
Date: Saturday 7th of June 2003
At: Oxford Tavern, NSW
Played With: Brad, Rob and Zok.

Dear Diary,

Last night was a great gig. Though now I have to stand over and sing at Zok's side of the stage because Brad and his hair take up most of the stage. So I had to push Zok off the stage, as I didn't want to share my spotlight.

Speaking of Brad and his hair today we had a photo shoot. Brad's hair ruined every single shot dudes. Every time the photographer arranged us we were hidden by the hair factor. So I moved to stand on the other side of Brad and the wind changed and the hair suddenly surrounded me. It was everywhere! Dudes I could have died! But it's ok as Matt fought off the hair and got me out of there.

After that we went and had lunch I had sushi as apparently all cool people eat sushi. I didn't know that sushi was just raw fish, if I had known that I would have stayed at the hotel and eaten the fish they have in the aquarium there. I wonder how much fat is in a goldfish?

Anyway I am now going to get some beauty sleep as I'm starting to get bags under my eyes.