Dear Diary-
Date: Friday 6th of June 2003
At: Vic On The Park, NSW
Played With: Someone…

My hair has grown another two inches. Some old lady on the street tried to take me home and stick me in her garden. It was scary, but a crow that has taken to nesting in my hair started to attack her and she ran away.

Lately I've been doing a lot of crosswords. Crosswords are great for passing the time in the van or before a gig. They are especially great for people like me who are really smart. I mean how many people do you know have the IQ of 20/20? See I'm like the smartest person I know.

I went to the Sydney Opera House with Dan today. It was great. Dan went and saw some opera performance while I did some stuff… Anyway Dan said the opera was great and so I asked him what the plot was and he said he didn't know but it was the best sleep he had had in ages.

Rob, Zok, Coxy and Matt went down to Luna Park today. Zok and Rob stole bumper cars and ended up being thrown out for driving them around the park and trying to run down a giant rabbit. Coxy got stuck on the haunted house ride and Matt had to rescue him as apparently he saw something that nearly scarred him for life. According to Matt the only thing in the room was a mirror, we're not sure quite what scared him.

Anyway I best be off to the gig. All the gigs have been good so far. Even if Dan does bitch the entire trip there, keeps muttering stuff about suffocation. He's such a baby.