Dear Diary-
Date: Wednesday 28th of May 2003
At: The Arthouse, Melbourne.
Played With: We still haven't found a band that wants to play with us willingly.

Dear Diary,

Today we were so late. By late I mean over six hours dudes. It all started when we were supposed to drive to the venue for the sound check. Now guys you know I am the cutest member of the band. I was winning the poll for most popular band member on that fan site of ours… what's it called? Fuck knows but I was winning it till Brad started voting for himself.

Anyway so there we were in the hotel car park and the other guys wouldn't let me drive. Matt said it wasn't anything personal but I swear I heard Coxy and Rob say something about me driving like a grandma. How fucking rude is that? It's not my fault it's hard to drive without damaging my nails.

Cute people have to have good nails. It said so in Cosmo.

So we ended up voting on it. I voted that I drive; everyone else voted that Matt drives. What would they know anyway? Stupid band.

Oh and the gig was good. I think. Was there a gig?

Heart - Daniel

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