Ode to Coxy

Once upon a time there was a band
When it came to carrying stuff they needed a hand
So a meeting was held and a choice was made
To get to get the strongest guy in the roadie trade
It turned out that guy was busy so instead they chose Coxy

Now young Coxy had much to prove
As after all to be a roadie there is much to move
Not to mention the fans, the band and the tuning
Though it could be worse if the singer takes to Sinatra-like crooning.
So before he even started his work was cut out for him.

But he picked it up ever so quick
Fast developing a style best described as slick
Poker games, fans, cricket games, the band being played on Rage
And several mentions in the Gyroscope Who page
Soon turned him into a star

But then a sad day (?) came
When he decided being a roadie was lame
So he handed in his notice and headed for the door
Which led to the band crying hysterically and rolling on the floor
But the time had come for him to move on

So now we all look back on the "Coxy the Roadie" time
And have to admit that it is a total bitch to rhyme
So Coxy thanks for being good at whatever it was you did
We're sure the quality of Gyro roadies has slid…
And hey we hand it to you for dealing with Gyro for so long