Now we were hoping that it wouldn't have to come to this as we already have a few mini-disclaimers around the place. But after recieving an email which wasn't so nice, with the comments made in it and what it implied (ie: some threats which weren't scary at all) we came to the conclusion that we had better put this up before the avalanche of hate mail rolls in.

Point One: We do like Gyroscope, the music is great and from the two second chats we've had with each of the band members we know that they are also good people. (No members of Gyro, you are not entitled to get a swollen ego now) This site is just meant purely in fun and we are not having a go at them. Really.

Point Two: If you don't like the site, get the fuck out of here. Life is too short to waste at places you don't like. Therefore go elsewhere.

Point Three: Hate mail is not going to be replied to. Feel free to send it but we'll just delete it. So really you are wasting your time.

Point Four: For anyone who complains that this site is taking the piss out of Gyro, well duh. That was the point of the site.

Point Five: Do Gyro have a problem with this site? The answer to that would be no. We've heard it from their manager, people who work for them and the band members themselves in emails, the guestbook and in person that they like (hell we know you love it) the site. So don't even bother trying to pull the "The band don't like it" crap on us. But if really insist that they hate the site, here's a comment for you from Dan-

"you girls have our support 100%.. mint website.. great girls.. ok that's all.. up ya bum!"

Sorry to the majority of people who visit this site, who are great people. But we had to get this down once and for all because getting one nasty email may be funny but if we can avert a truckload of them we will.

Kim & Kat

P.S. I would just like to point out that in no way can I get into trouble for mentioning what suburb Dan lives in like I did when I told people how to stalk Jebediah! Dan freely tells this to the public...so there! - Kim