Band Profiles-

Real Name: Daniel Sanders
Nickname: The Diva
Birthday: Unknown as he doesn't want his age known.
Star Sign: The pretty one (Yeah we don't know what that one is either)
Pet: His guitar. He doesn't have time to pay attention to anything else.
Fave Colour: Midnight blue... not light blue, not dark blue but MIDNIGHT blue.
Fave Music: Celine Dion
Fave Food: Anything that won't cause him to put weight on.
Fave Movie: Something not funny as he doesn't want laugh lines, not sad as his mascara will run... maybe we should just turn the vcr off.
Fave Celebrities: Any diva. Celine Dion, Mariah Carey etc.
Hobbies: Looking into mirrors, making sure his best side is seen at all times.
He's Most Likely To: Be found filing his nails.
Odd "Fact": Has his own entourage. Including a stylist and someone to keep his hair suitably ruffled.

Real Name: Brad Campbell
Nickname: Baby Spice
Birthday: 28th April 1997
Star Sign: Taurus
Pet: The animals that live in his hair.
Fave Colour: Anything but pink which is apparently gross.
Fave Music: Britney Spears and N'Sync. Rumor is that Brad cried when Britney and Justin broke up.
Fave Food: Car parts and bicycles.
Fave Movie: The Rugrats Movie
Fave Celebrities: The Wiggles
Hobbies: Going to the park and watching cartoons.
He's Most Likely To: Take an afternoon nap.
Odd "Fact": He sleeps with a lambchops doll.

Real Name: Zoran Trivic
Nickname: Professor Zok
Birthday: 22nd November 1934
Star Sign: Libra. The one with the scales
Pet: A rat named Morty.
Fave Colour: Red and blue. It's a science/chemistry thing.
Fave Music: Something by some really obscure band from the 1940's.
Fave Food: Anything that could be classified as good brain food
Fave Movie: Star Trek
Fave Celebrities: Albert Einstein.
Hobbies: Doing math.
He's Most Likely To: Collect stamps.
Odd "Fact": His bedroom is designed to look like a laboratory.

Real Name: Rob Nassif
Nickname: Animal
Birthday: 14th July 1985
Star Sign: Leo
Pet: Doris, the beer drinking pig.
Fave Colour: Black
Fave Music: Rock and roll man!
Fave Food: The peanuts/pretzels found on a bar.
Fave Movie: Wayne's World
Fave Celebrities: Wayne and Garth
Hobbies: Partying On Dude!
He's Most Likely To: Found passed out in an alley somewhere.
Odd "Fact": Is going for any world record to do with pogo sticks.