The Gyroscope Alphabet-

A... Afros. I don't think we need to say why.

B... Brad the bass player with the big hair. That's three b's.

C... Considerate. The guys in Gyroscope are damn considerate. This was demonstrated in a hotel down south early in the morning by walking along various levels making enough noise to wake the dead. C is also for Coxy , who thinks he is important enough to be on here... I'm tired, I'm not going to argue.

D... Dan the singer, as well as one of the guitarists. He also designs the layout at the official Gyroscope page. Somebody give the boy a gold star.

E... Expressions. Facial expressions are not always pretty as shown in the following pictures.

Brad & Zok

F... Festival Mushroom Records Gyro's new home. Also Frank Sinatra, someone in the band professed he was "top shelf". Take a wild guess at whom.

G... Gyroscope Sunday. The original band name.

H... Healthy living. The Gyro boys would never drink, smoke or have late nights...

I... Imaginary friends. Rob had one named Charlie Chicken. Can I get an "aww" from everyone now please?

J... is for Jebediah cos they just rule!! Apparently they also helped Gyro out. Go them.

K... Kat and Kim. This here would be where we go on about how wonderful we are! Which we are, your opinions don't count.

L... Language. Gyro speak includes the words "Buddy", "Tacker" and "Dude" Dan also got struck by lightning, as you do.

M... Michael Jackson. Have you seen a member of Gyro in the same room as him? Coincidence? I think not. M is also for Matt the manager, he's the king of sticking up posters.

N... Newspapers. Dan's first job was as a newspaper delivery boy.

O... Overseas. Rob went overseas. We're still trying to work out why he wanted to come back

P... Parents. We encourage people to send sympathy cards to each member of Gyro's parents. ;o)

Q... QANTAS. Gyroscope would probably fit their suspected terrorists criteria. Brad could hide the weapons in his hair.

R... Rob the drummer. He appeared on Ricki Lake. If it had been Jerry Springer, I may have been impressed. Also they were on Redline Records.

S... Speed limits. Not heard of in the Gyro world as shown when being passed by the Gyro van, which was close to the speed of sound. Socks as well, no rolling or pushing them down for Zok.

T... Take Time EP. Please buy it then tell them they owe us money for making you buy it. Rob also used to play the tuba. How cool...

U... U2. U2 is not a side project of anyone from Gyroscope. Ugly Kid Joe as well apparently Dan was in the fan club. No comment.

V... Is for Vicious (Sid). Dan's a big fan...

W... Windows. A member of the band's first brush with the police came after throwing a rock, which broke a window of an off-duty officer's car. Brad also used to work at a Woolworths. So did Kat (not the same one), she's still traumatised by the experience.

X... Xylophone. One member of the band has admitted he regrets giving it up to take up his current instrument.

Y... Is a good question. Please refer to our psychiatrists for the answers.

Z... Zoran, aka Zok, the other guitarist.